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The History Man



This programme explores techniques for teaching A-level history and advice on how to get students more actively involved.

John Brennan is an experienced A-level history teacher at Runshaw College, Lancashire. Alison Williams, head of department, observes his lesson on the Treaty of Versailles and reviews it with him on DVD. Alison notices that some students did not contribute at all and together they consider ways to involve his whole class.

With Alison's coaching, John reflects on his tendency to teach from the front and the fact that some students might be threatened by his larger than life presence. In a follow-up lesson he decides to test out some of Alison's ideas.

He splits the students into groups and appoints team leaders. The pupils respond well by debating vigorously at the end of the lesson. The atmosphere and culture have moved on and John has more ideas for their next lesson.

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


FE: Teaching for the Future


Secondary Teacher


Secondary History

Whole School Issues

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