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This programme looks at a novel way of helping trainee teachers with valuable feedback using a two-way wireless audio system.

"The key problem in giving feedback is that of immediacy," says Ray Tarleton, the principal of South Dartmoor Community College which features in the programme.

"In the old days, the procedure was to have a teacher sitting in the back of the room with a clipboard and then, hours or even days after the lesson, a debrief, ? he explains.

However, a system developed by the school called Sound Assist, uses new technology to give instant feedback which can affect the course of the lesson as it is in progress.

According to Ray Tarleton, it means that the teacher is like a learner driver sitting in a car, with dual controls. They are not actually driving the car entirely on their own, they are being guided as they work.

"I honestly can?t imagine training teachers now without it. Without this system, I feel like I am going out without my wallet," says deputy director of PE and Sport at South Dartmoor, Jason Trevarthen.

Published : Jan 2006

05 mins


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