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Six years ago, homework was completed by less than 20% of the students at Carwarden House and Ofsted had highlighted it as an area for concern. The pupils' ages range from from 8 - 19, and all have learning difficulties.

Su and her colleagues wanted an approach where the students wouldn't feel they were doing homework at all, and one tailored to differing needs. The maths games they developed are designed to meet the objectives of the National Numeracy Strategy. Each student can have a different game for every week of the school year.

"The teachers have a lot of work to deal with anyway with their class, so finding time to work with every individual on different levels is practically impossible. So that is the beauty of this. Up and down the country we have over 2000 schools now using the packs. And over 200,000 children involved in playing these games at home - with their parents." Su Cope, Assistant Head Teacher.


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