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Going to Town



This programme takes a look at the town Richard Grever has created at Grange Primary School in Long Eaton to improve learning.

Headteacher Richard has turned a failing school into an extremely successful one by giving the children their own town, with a museum, local shop, cafe, radio and TV station, and even a town council with an elected mayor.

Three years ago the school's Key Stage 2 scores were very low. "The biggest problem was disaffection amongst the pupils. Children didn't have an idea why they were learning, and this led to low morale," Ricky said.

Now, scores are high at Grange Primary School and the children are excited about going to work in their "Grangeton" jobs. There is a direct link between what they are being taught in the curriculum and its application in the real world.

Published : Nov 2006

05 mins


Hot Management


Primary Headteacher


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