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KS1/2 RE - Experiential Approaches to Hinduism



Inspirational AST and RE specialist Georgina Mulhall, who believes that RE is best taught by concept rather than by religion, teaches three lessons exploring devotion.

Year 4 pupils get to role play as archaeologists speculating about Hindu artefacts, and then go into role as devotees worshipping in a Hindu temple, and finally they apply the concept of devotion to their own lives.

It's fun and inclusive, and with no right or wrong it encourages higher-order thinking. As RE is culturally sensitive and subjective, Georgina believes it's often side-lined.

She sums up the values of a creative, concept-driven approach and advises on how to use role-play with confidence.

Published : Sep 2008

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Religious Education

Learning about religion


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