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Marcia Gladwin is a holistic therapy specialist at City and Islington College, north London. This film follows her to see how she nurtures and empowers her Level 3 Health and Beauty Massage Theory class to develop their independent learning skills.

She fine tunes the students' thinking on how to become professional when they will deal with clients in the future. Her mentor, Helen Kent, is deputy director for Health and Beauty, and she encourages Marcia to use role-play to further develop these skills in her students.

In the following week's lesson, the students work in groups of three, acting out a scenario as client, therapist and observer to help them understand how massage effects the emotions.

The lesson does not quite go to plan but Marcia cleverly turns it around and it makes it part of the lesson. This engages the students.

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


FE: Teaching for the Future


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Vocational 14-19

Whole School Issues

Secondary Further Education


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