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A Wake Up Call



This programme investigates how one teacher in Lancashire gets his students more actively involved by changing his classroom layout.

Lee Johnson is a teacher of public services at Runshaw College, Lancashire. Normally his classes are extremely lively and he enjoys the challenge and banter of the classroom, but one of his classes is shy and lacking in confidence.

Lee feels his lessons are less successful because of this. With the help of mentor Mary Murphy, head of foundation studies, he considers what might draw them out of their shell. In his next lesson, Lee begins by altering the class dynamic.

He splits up the girls, creates mixed teams and changes the layout of the desks so it easier for him to go round the groups. He sets some practical activities and introduces some aptitude tests for skills needed in the police force. All this gets them talking and laughing. It's a good session and they're more lively and engaged.

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


FE: Teaching for the Future


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Further Education


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