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Creative Teaching



How to be an effective creative teacher is the focus of this pedagogy lecture to primary PGCE students, by Sally Graham, senior lecturer in education at the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire.

Sally defines what it means to be a creative teacher, while emphasising that creative teachers generate creative pupils. She identifies how trainee teachers can sustain their creativity as a teacher, and explains her repertoire of pedagogical tools.

Sally discusses why learning is best when it's collective, reciprocal (listening and sharing each other's ideas), supported in a safe yet challenging environment, and purposeful.

She believes teachers must build up relationships with pupils and colleagues, striving to make the teaching environment imaginative. And she underlines how teachers need to enjoy their free time in order to avoid burnout, and she encourages teachers to take risks in their teaching and to have fun.

Published : Sep 2008

45 mins


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