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A reception teacher is trying to introduce more structured play into her teaching. Behaviour expert John Bayley provides practical pedagogical advice in this classroom-management resource.

John believes the work of Sarah Jackson and her teaching assistants is exemplary and encourages them to spend as much time as possible on 'tours of duty', observing individual pupils for up to 15 minutes at a time, at Christ Church Primary School in Wandsworth. Sarah has over 10 years experience with this age group.

All the teachers are convinced structured play holds many opportunities for teachers and Early Years pupils, and John encourages the team to continue with their excellent work.

The theme is Down on the Farm, with children experimenting on a range of farm-related activities such as milking and planting. Despite the school being located near Clapham Junction in London - quite a distance from the countryside - it's startling how readily the children rise to the task.

Published : Nov 2005

15 mins


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