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Maths - A Lesson on Shapes



In this uncut programme, we see Year 2 teacher Pritti Poole stimulate learning by beginning her maths lesson on shapes with a game.

Pritti then engages the class, which has been split into ability groups, with an activity based session. Pupils draw and record shapes with right angles, make 3D shapes and sort pictures into straight and curved edges.

Pritti is interviewed before and after the lesson giving us an insight on her aims and afterthoughts of how the lesson went.

This programme shows a complete lesson, uninterrupted and unedited with the intention of developing classroom observation skills.

It is part of our uncut series of lessons, providing a fresh insight into teaching with a real time, real action classroom.

Published : Sep 2008

45 mins


Uncut Classrooms


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Shape, space & measures


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