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Challenging Behaviour



The state of school behaviour in Britain is the focus of this whole-school video for primary and secondary headteachers and teaching staff. Hear from five headteachers about their approaches to tackling the problem.

Changing social attitudes have blurred the distinction between childhood and adolescence, says Geoff Moss, an Assertive Discipline trainer, adding that schools are increasingly called upon to teach responsible behaviour.

The case studies explored in this behaviour-management resource include: a sports project that helps to raise self-esteem; and Behaviour for Learning, a whole-school system of consequences starting with a verbal warning and culminating in the isolation room.

Also learn about restorative justice, where students are encouraged to accept responsibility for their behaviour; an infant nurture group that tries to nip behavioural problems in the bud; and getting the curriculum right by introducing more personalised learning.

Assertive Discipline is under copyright in the UK to Behaviour and Learning Management, which has been granted the sole licence within the UK to distribute Assertive Discipline materials and to train others in the programme.

Published : Oct 2005

30 mins


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