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KS3 Design and Technology - The New Curriculum



In a design and technology lesson inspired by freight ships and ferries at Portsmouth harbour, local pupils design, make and race model cargo boats.

The lesson, led by team teachers Justin Baker and Christopher Smith, incorporates key concepts from the new secondary curriculum. Pupils are divided into groups, each representing a different country. The boats carry cargo typical of their country, helping pupils understand the cultural and economic reasons for their boats.

By supplying the pupils with an environmentally-friendly elastic band-powered propeller, pupils are made aware of the environmental impact a design could have. The teams are judged on the distance their boat travels, team work, how the boats carry the cargo, and the boats' appearance.

Justin reflects on how the new-style lessons are encouraging pupils to become creative problem-solvers of the future with an awareness of how designing and making has an aesthetic and economic impact on the world.


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