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Kip in the Ship



HMS Belfast is a branch of the Imperial War Museum. "Kip in a ship" is a citizenship-based residential visit, which gives school groups the chance to sleep overnight on board HMS Belfast in the original crew mess decks.

Russ Green has been bringing pupils from Homelands Primary in Torbay to the ship for the past three years. He has built a good relationship with the ship's education team, which allows sessions to be tailored to his specific requirements.

In the education centre, pupils learn about the harsh conditions crew had to face during the artic convoys. The session is brought to life by John, an HMS Belfast veteran who served on board the ship in the 1950s. Here the pupils get to talk to John and find out what it was like living in a floating town. It's also a good opportunity for teachers and pupils to spend time together, away from the confines of the classrooom.

Published : Sep 2005

15 mins


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