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KS2 Maths - Darts



When Philip New, the head of Year 6 at Woodland Middle School, set up a darts club, he noticed a significant change in their attitude to maths and their ability to do it. In this programme Philip explores darts as a vehicle for teaching different areas of KS2 maths.

First, he gives his pupils a breakdown of the dart board followed by quick-fire questions to develop their mental calculation skills.

From this, Philip moves to the interactive white board and asks the children to calculate his scores and share how they do their calculations.

He also develops a range of other activities based on collecting and recording data and adapts the dart board to tailor lessons according to objectives, abilities and the time available.

Celebrity darts player, Bobby George, shares a few tips with the pupils and demonstrates his own mental arithmetic skills.

Phil feels that using darts has brought a new dimension to his maths teaching and is pleased to see the children smiling and enjoying what they're doing.

Published : Nov 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Handling data

Number and algebra


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