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KS2 Science - Materials: Lesson and Review



This programme looks at a KS2 science lesson devised by Year 3 class teacher Clare James.

The lesson was inspired by visits the children made to a working water mill. Clare decides to bring the outside environment into the school by inviting mill education officer Elfyn Morris into the classroom with his model water wheel and grindstone. Clare also enlists the help of Jane Turner from the Science Learning Centre.

The lesson consists of a selection of activities, including:

  • A clay table which the children can use to replicate the textures of materials they found at the mill
  • A scratch test table where pupils investigate the hardness of materials
  • A display of photographs and drawings showing what they've learned

The children also report back and demonstrate their findings to each other. The programme concludes with Clare and Jane's analysis of how the lesson went, with discussion about what worked well and what could be improved for next time.


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