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Something Fishy in the Classroom



The broadcast version of this programme is subtitled.

This episode of Inspirations is the story of how a group of primary school pupils raised salmon from eggs to young adults and then released them into their local river.

The pupils, from Tonyrefail Primary School in south Wales, set up a hatchery in their boiler room with the help of Environment Agency Wales and cared for the eggs. When the eggs hatched the children nicknamed the tiny fish "black-eyed peas".

After three weeks the hatchery was too small so the fish were taken to the agency's hatchery and raised further.

Then, three months later, the pupils visit the agency and are given a tour, and they are able to pick up their salmon fry to return them to the wild.

On releasing these fish into the water, it is clear the whole experience has had a strong impact on the pupils. For follow-up work they make a wall display and teach other pupils what they have learnt themselves.

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Published : Oct 2005

15 mins




Primary Teacher


Primary Science

Life processes and living things

Whole School Issues

Primary Sustainability


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