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A Box for India



Two teachers assess their pupils' attitude to other cultures as they take part in the Brilliant Box Project!

At Stamford Park Primary School in Manchester, headteacher Cathy Downing and Year 4 class teacher Beth Matthews video their pupils discussing family values and choosing objects to represent these values. They then place them in a box to send to India.

Meanwhile a class in New Delhi does the same thing and sends its box to Stamford Park. When the Indian box arrives the children guess what is inside and then open the box with much excitement. They are puzzled by some of the contents and their discussions are captured on video.

Rittika Chanda Parruck from the British Council in Delhi discusses the project with Cathy, Beth and their cluster leader Tim Gartside, to discover what they have learned and how the project could develop.

Published : Nov 2008

15 mins


Action! Teacher Video - UK/India


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