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Green School in India



Students in India are developing an eco-friendly mosquito repellent, and are capturing the process captured with their own video.

The project addresses problems of pollution and global warming by replacing aerosol-based repellents or those that need electricity with a natural lemon-grass repellent.

The idea of distilling lemon-grass leaves to produce the repellent came from Beena Varkey and Uttara Mazumdar, two science teachers at St Paul's School in Delhi.

The experiment and all the testing and marketing are being done by the pupils themselves, as is the filming for their video.

In the discussion, consultant Adrienne Jones talks with Beena, Uttara and school principal Rema Alex Daniel about the project.

It is clear that the students are completely engaged in the scientific enquiry which the project has provoked, but is this degree of pupil autonomy also possible in UK schools?


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