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Indian Journey



Returning from a trip to India, Joanna Gilbert uses images to explore community cohesion with her gifted and talented pupils, and records her findings on her own video.

Joanna and her pupils at Brough Primary School in Yorkshire start by focussing on their own identity. Then they look at images and video footage brought back from India, and discuss what community means when the extremes of rich and poor live side by side.

They ask what makes a successful community and what happens when communities don't work, using images from India and from the UK media.

In the discussion that follows, Rittika Chanda Parruck from the British Council in Delhi is joined by Joanna and her colleague in the India project, Rachel Lloyd, plus headteacher Isabel Peirson.

Joanna feels that her pupils have made significant discoveries in the course of their Indian journey. The next step is to see how her gifted and talented pupils can spread their discovery across the school.


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