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Jonathan Dimbleby chairs a timely debate about behaviour in our schools. The programme is part of Teachers TV's Behaviour Matters week.

Disrespect among children and young people may always have been part of our social fabric, but this debate examines whether the behavioural problems that are being witnessed in schools today are any different than they used to be. It investigates what might have affected children's behaviour and how to deal with such behaviour.

The panel of experts discuss if it's feasible to have a national programme for dealing with discipline problems and what needs to change in the educational culture to ensure, in the words of schools ministers Jacqui Smith, that "a culture of respect, good behaviour and firm discipline [be] the norm in all schools all of the time".

In anticipation of a government review into classroom discipline The Big Debate examines the key issues regarding pupil behaviour. A panel of experts will face a contributing audience of teachers, parents, sociologists, educationalists and pupils.

Published : Oct 2005

60 mins


Primary Teacher

Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Behaviour

Secondary Behaviour


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