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Return to Nablus - The Path to the Future



It is time to follow the final year students of the two schools through the most important part of their academic lives, the aptly named Path to the Future public exams.

Masar Sa'ed is hoping to redeem her year. Her grades have been suffering because she was the only family member allowed to visit her brother, Marwan while he was held in an Israeli prison.

At the boys' school, Tariq has also had a bumpy year. He has come back from near expulsion to turn over a new leaf and now hopes to study law at university. Meanwhile, Zed and Mahmood are two students with very different attitudes to their finals.

All need good grades and they all face difficult questions about their future; whether to remain and study in Nablus; to study abroad; or start work. It is an emotional time that will determine what they do with the rest of their lives.


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