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KS1/2 Creative Arts - Africa Rocks



Gill Chalkley, Year 6 teacher, music co-ordinator takes on the challenge of producing the end of term musical, Africa Rocks!.

There are many facets to this production; singing, dancing, acting and live Djembe drumming, that Gill has to enlist the help of other members of staff at Withycombe Raleigh Primary School, in Devon to help deal with them all.

Gill, who won the Primary Teacher of the Year for the South West of England at the Teaching Awards, in 2007, is passionate about the project and believes music is vital for children and should be an all inclusive process.

As well as introducing a stomp band at the school, who have performed nationally, Gill has also made a particular effort to increase the number of boys in her choir.

These measures have been so successful that almost half of her choir of 92 is now made up of boys.

The programme returns to the school on the night of the opening performance to see whether all the planning and hard work has paid off!

Published : Nov 2008

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Music


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