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A Twist in the Nail



Michelle Zini is a professional beautician who now teaches heath and beauty at City and Islington College in north London. Her NVQ Level 1 students are learning the theory and practice of beauty treatment on nails.

Helen Kent, deputy director for health and beauty, observes her lesson and praises her clear vocal projection and her appropriate use and pace of language. This has helped to build the confidence of her young students.

However she finds Michelle's PowerPoint presentation much too long and her students are obviously bored. Michelle is keen to use PowerPoint as it's flexible and good for teaching theory, but she begins to see its limitations. She agrees to break up her presentations into bitesized chunks and to introduce more practical group work into her next lesson. The variety works well: there's a buzz in classroom, the students are engaged and the feedback is good.

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


FE: Teaching for the Future


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Vocational 14-19

Whole School Issues

Secondary Further Education


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