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Faith Schools



The government is committed to the growth of schools run or backed by religious organisations. All the major religions are in favour and numbers attending church schools continue to grow.

But are faith schools a force for religious tolerance and good education or a source of division and a challenge to social cohesion?

The first Hindu state faith school will open by 2010, joining an education system where Church of England, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish schools are already in place. But are faith schools really needed? Are they better than secular schools?

Sheena McDonald poses these questions to leading figures from the faith and education worlds, including:

  • Professor AC Grayling, professor of philosopher, Birkbeck College, London
  • Melissa Benn, writer and campaigner
  • Canon John Hall, chief education officer for the Church of England
  • Dr Mohamed Mukadam, chairman of the Association of Muslim Schools, UK

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