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Aiming High



Professor Ted Wragg asks if it's discriminatory to fund special help to African Caribbean pupils under the Aiming High initiative to improve self-esteem and learning outcomes.

Previous research into black boy attainment revealed that some teachers automatically had low expectations of this group. "They talked about teachers having low expectations of them" explains Rosemary Campbell, project manager of Investigating in Diversity, and an Aiming High consultant. "They talked about almost a pre-disposition to see their behaviour as deviant."

Under Aiming High, 30 schools were given £25,000 to spend on projects aimed at their African Caribbean pupils. But Professor Ted Wragg worries whether success will continue now the scheme has been extended to 100 schools but at only £3,000 per school. "Every school can do this", says assessor Professor David Gilbourn from the Institute of Education. What really matters is the determination of the school.


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