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Is one method of teaching reading superior to others? According to recent newspaper coverage, a seven year study of children's reading conducted in Clackmannanshire suggests synthetic phonics is the best method.

Institute of Education Reader Rhona Stainhorp argues that the way reading methods were taught (analytic phonics were taught at the rate of one letter a week whereas the 44 sounds of synthetic phonics were all taught within 16 weeks) might be responsible for the difference. Lecturer Dominic Wyse from Cambridge University, feared the press coverage might sway the Government into over-emphasising the teaching of synthetic phonics and asks "why should we emphasise phonics above other things which have also been found effective?"

Presenter Professor Ted Wragg also examined what key educationalists feel should be on the English curriculum in 2115. Should it really include texting?

Published : Apr 2006

05 mins


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