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KS1/2 Design and Technology - Fundamentals of Design - Moving Pictures



A common concern in primary design and technology is that learning about principles and processes can be weakened by focusing too much on the quality of the end result.

In this programme we see how one teacher sets about a Year 1 class design and technology project on the theme of "moving pictures", using the story Handa's Surprise as inspiration.

Key Stage 1 teacher Teresa Wilton is then joined by Cornwall LEAs D&T advisor David Prest and fellow primary teacher Pauline Hannigan. Together they watch and comment on key moments filmed over the two days of the project.

They discuss how to best ensure end results do not become the main focus of the task and how to ensure that the processes of designing, making and evaluating are given the prominence needed.

Published : Jun 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Design and Technology


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