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Battersea v Eton



Having beaten Eton College 5-1 in their previous encounter, Battersea Technology College have a lot to live up to.

Though their team is drawn from a limited pool of players, the south London comprehensive have a possible advantage over their public school rivals.

Since becoming a Football Academy in 2005, Battersea have had the benefit of professional training from Errol Bignall, community coach at Chelsea Football Club.

Will his training be enough to guarantee success against the older, taller and better resourced Eton side?

Follow the Battersea team as they train with Errol, head of PE Neil Watson, and Mark Russ, a Year 10 teacher and the instigator of the inspirational away fixture.

We also hear from players and teachers after the match, in addition to Glen Pierce, master of football at Eton College, who explains the significance of the fixture from his team's point of view.

Published : May 2006

15 mins




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Secondary Physical Education


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