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Black Boys



Only 30 per cent of black boys achieve five good GCSEs compared to a national average of 54 per cent. Three London schools are confronting this head on, as shown in this whole-school video on inclusion.

Statistics show that boys of African Caribbean heritage start school at average academic levels but begin to fall behind from Year 2, with the gap widening through secondary school.

The three schools in this video all address the issues in their own way. Colvestone Primary in Hackney gets to grips with disaffection early, teaching basic but crucial behavioural skills to help their black boys stay focused.

In this video, Caribbean achievement consultant Mike Vance outlines some of the issues within the black community that prevent black boys from realising their full potential.

Copland Secondary in Wembley tackles the problem of underachievement by employing a large number of black teachers, thereby providing effective role models for their students. The school has also implemented strategies to encourage parental involvement.

And at Forest Hill Secondary, black boys benefit from segregated group time in which they can develop their learning, thinking and communication skills.

Published : Mar 2006

30 mins


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