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Continuing Professional Development - Primary - Getting the Priorities Right



This programme is subtitled.

Primary headteacher, Frances Bussy, discusses her experience of CPD with a group of senior professionals. They offer some practical suggestions to follow up.

They agree on an open "collaborative" environment, where professional dialogue is key, but staff have to feel comfortable and be willing to participate. Involving all the staff and getting them to think "outside the bubble" makes a huge difference and is also critical for retaining teachers.

This is a particular challenge for small schools where staff might feel their careers are limited. Frances is stunned by the perceptive comments made by Year 6 children at their exit interviews and stresses the benefits of listening to children across the school.

Giving staff options within the school improvement plan has also been successful. Individual choice gives ownership and encourages professional responsibility.

The experts conclude that good professional development can take many forms.

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Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


Primary CPD Leader

Primary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Primary CPD


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