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KS3/4 Design & Technology - Designing for CAD/CAM 1



For D&T trouble-shooter Steve Stott, CAD/CAM is fraught with dangers. Though it has revolutionised classroom teaching, it often leads to traditional design skills being ignored.

Steve, a full-time advisor for Barking and Dagenham LEA, has helped to pioneer a new work scheme that takes students back to the first principles of design.

In this programme Stott works with teachers from Barking and Dagenham, showing them how to apply his methods in their classrooms.

Using simple pencil drawing, he asks students to break down familiar images (such as animals, plants and people) into familiar geometric shapes which will later form the basis of designs for functional objects like CDs and toothbrush holders.

This happens via a refinement of drawings, crude cardboard prototyping, CAD work using PROdesktop software and eventually CAM.

Published : Jun 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Design and Technology



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