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KS1/2 History - Interpreting Wolfgang's Story



In this programme, history expert Bernie Ashmore reviews the lesson of history teacher Graham Hicks, who uses the story of a fictional character to engage pupils.

Hicks from Eastfield School in Middlesex has created the on-going tale of 'Wolfgang', a fictional German WWII soldier whose adventures are based upon real sources and real historical events.

This inspiring approach to teaching combines literacy and history to help pupils grapple with the complexities of the past and improve their writing.

Ashmore, who has previously observed Hicks' teaching , reviews footage of a lesson and gets to grips with some probing questions:

  • How effective is this approach?
  • What about bias in taking the German point of view?
  • What are the risks of mixing fact and fiction?
  • Are pupils aware of which sources are authentic and which reconstructed?
  • And how much does this method depend on a teachers' subject knowledge?

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