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KS1/2 RE - Using Stories the Jewish Way



There's nothing like a well-told story to draw pupils in to religious education.

Laurie Rosenberg from Simon Marks' Jewish Primary School in north London is passionate about storytelling.

In this programme, he demonstrates the Jewish storytelling technique of "Pardes" as his Year 6 class present the story of Abraham and Isaac.

This technique involves breaking down a story into four dimensions: what it says, what it means, the story itself and the hidden meaning.

From setting the scene through to rehearsals and a mini performance, the pupils' captivation shows the magical power a story can have.

With insight and guidance from Laurie, this programme aims to provide the confidence and know-how needed to use this engaging approach yourself.

Published : Apr 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Religious Education

Learning about religion


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