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KS3/4 Maths - Motivating Maths at GCSE: Getting Away from the Textbook



Motivating GCSE maths pupils has been identified as a national problem. In this programme, a group of Hampshire maths teachers meets up to discuss some new projects they've been trying out in their individual schools.

With organisers Alison Clark-Wilson from the Maths Centre at University College Chichester and maths inspector and advisor for Hampshire Ron Taylor, the group draws up a list of work habits they want to encourage in their students, such as:

  • Taking ownership of their learning
  • Being motivated and engaged by the activities
  • Developing critical thinking

They also discuss the need, when teaching at KS4, to exploit the more imaginative approaches they use at KS3, particularly avoiding the excessive use of textbooks. The programme then observes a Year 10 lesson involving pupils in Fareham collecting their own data and using graphical calculators to create scatter graphs. The class teacher and the rest of the group then analyse its success.

Published : Mar 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Maths

Number and algebra


Whole School Issues

Secondary Assessment



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