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Finding Time to Walk the Dog



Ease The Load has recruited top life coach Gladeana McMahon to offer one of our viewers some much needed advice on time management.

Pictor Primary is a special needs school in greater Manchester where Jacqueline Wheble has recently been made the assistant headteacher.

Four days a week Jackie teaches the very youngest children on the Autistic Spectrum leaving one day a week for her management responsibilities.

She is also the behaviour support leader and the team teach tutor for the school. At the moment she doesn't feel like she is doing any of these roles particularly well.

At home, thanks to all the planning and preparation she does there, the house she shares with her partner is still not decorated after three years. But even worse is the fact that she hardly ever gets time to walk Bea her Airedale dog. Bea thinks it's time to change that.

Published : Feb 2006

15 mins


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