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I Don't Want to Work Through Breaks



It's always important to keep your work/life balance in check, especially when you have five children and a busy job!

Tony Curtis works as a teaching assistant at King Edmund's Secondary School in Yates, near Bristol, and has five children aged between one and 14-years-old.

According to Tony, he can't say no to the demands of the school and often finds himself working through his breaks in order to minimise the work he takes home.

He has taken on so many duties at the school that he finds it difficult to organise his time effectively.

At home, his wife and children want a share of his time too and Tony has had to put his own hobbies to one side in order to enjoy some family time.

Our expert life coach Gladeana McMahon comes to Tony?s rescue, but will he learn when and where to say no?

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Published : Mar 2006

15 mins


Ease the Load


Secondary Teaching Assistant

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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