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Staff at Weston Point Community Primary School, Cheshire, show how podcasting has been introduced into classroom practice across several subjects, helping boost attainment levels.

Year 6 teacher Pat Murphy leads her pupils in recording their own podcast relating to a project about the Isle of Wight. With the help of deputy head and ICT co-ordinator Chris Bayne, she then quickly inputs and edits clips, and uploads the podcast to the Internet.

Year 5 teacher Tom Paul and his pupils plan and record a video podcast in French using puppets, and the children talk about how podcasting has boosted their confidence and improved their learning.

Head teacher Noreen Curphey believes that the success podcasting has had on the pupils is down to its use of their speaking, listening and writing skills, contributing to a rise from 11 per cent to 50 per cent of pupils achieving level 5 at KS2 English.


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