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Presentation Skills



Salina Kumbu teaches A-level language and literature at City and Islington College in north London. We see her successfully guide an AS-level language class through the grammatical structure of an Amnesty International article on torture, but she's not happy with her teaching style.

Salina is in her second year of teaching and after a tough first year where she concentrated on classroom discipline, she thinks her approach is too harsh. With the help of mentor Jenny Green, the head of the college's teaching and learning unit, she decides to relax her teaching style and make lessons more fun.

However, Salina also wants to hang on to her high standards and expectations, and acting on Jenny's advice, she decides to work on the students' presentation skills as well as her own. In a follow-up lesson, she devises a fun activity where the students work in groups and prepare presentations to deliver to the rest of the class.


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