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KS3/4 Business Studies - Sales and Profit



In this programme, we see the rules of a simple business game that helps teach cost types, revenues, profit and price-setting.

Head of business studies Gill Wright, from Brighouse High School in West Yorkshire, knows that teaching abstract concepts can be difficult for pupils to grasp using traditional methods. However, a game she's devised, involving an ordinary shop-bought cake, appears to work well with her Key Stage 4 pupils.

To play the game, Gill divides her class into small groups each competing against each other to "sell" the most cake. The pupils achieve sales - Gill is the buyer - by manipulating costs and price. At the end of the lesson, the winners are rewarded with the cake. Business education experts Duncan Cullimore and David Hall observe Gill's lesson, praising its practicality and ease of delivery.

Published : May 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Business Studies


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