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Making PPA Work for You



The idea of protected PPA time is fine in theory, but can it work in practice? This programme follows newly qualified teachers Finlay Curry and Michelle Burkitt as they attempt to maximise the value of their 10 per cent planning, preparation, and assessment time.

Both teachers find it a challenge to keep other distractions from encroaching into what should be protected time. Finlay, a geography teacher, finds that administration tasks are the biggest challenge to his PPA time, so he delegates some of this to pupils.

Michelle, a dance teacher, finds that a quiet space is the most useful weapon in the armoury of ring-fencing the time, but inevitably she also finds that distractions are not easily avoided. Education writer and NQT agony aunt, Elizabeth Holmes, studies the way that both NQTs handle the challenges that threaten their PPA time and suggests ways of ensuring it is used as effectively as possible.

Published : Feb 2006

15 mins


Secondary NQTs


Secondary NQT


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