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KS1/2 Science - As Easy As CPD 1



As part of their continuing professional development, primary teachers Claire Duncan and Sukhbinder Bachra are working together to plan two science lessons on light.

As part of their planning, the teachers meet with primary science consultant Rosemary Feasey who offers some inspirational advice on how to approach the subject more creatively.

Claire plans to incorporate a story about a teddy bear needing new sunglasses to inspire her Year 3 class. They will design and make new sunglasses for teddy in the lesson.

Sukhbinder's Year 5 class are to investigate a solar eclipse and predict what would happen if the eclipse lasted for a long time. The children will work in groups and then make presentations to the class.

This programme concludes with the start of both lessons. In the next programme, Claire and Sukhbinder will reflect on the success of their lessons.

Published : Apr 2006

15 mins


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Primary Science


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