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Wouldn't it be great if teachers could find the time and money to produce their own programmes and have them broadcast on Teachers' TV?

Well, that's what Teacher Video is all about and in this introductory episode you can see two videos created by secondary school teachers:

  • Anthony Partington from Longsands College in Cambridgeshire presents "Making Learning Personal", a video that focuses on two Year 9 pupils and looks at target-setting.
  • Bob Overton from Meer Oaks Special School in Wigan explores a unique puppet making project in "Make Me, Move Me".

The teachers are joined in the studio by presenter Fenella George, education consultant Adrienne Jones and Dr Richard Hatcher from the Faculty of Education at UCE Birmingham.

The group discuss the content of the programmes and consider how Teacher Video could be used for assessment and as a powerful CPD tool to exchange ideas and reflect on practice.

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Published : Mar 2006

30 mins


Action! Teacher Video


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Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

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Action Research


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