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KS3/4 Science - Big Screen Science: The Perry Pigger Show



This animated film tackles the complex subject of xenotransplantation using the format of a popular chat show hosted by a pig named Perry Pigger.

Teaching a subject like xenotransplantation, can be testing, so using a cartoon character and a familiar, easy to understand format, helps make it fun.

The film was developed and made by ten Year 9 girls from Manchester's Abraham Moss School, aided by a professional animator and a scientist. The girls were one of six groups of students who won the opportunity to turn their idea into reality when they won the north west round of First Light?s Big Screen Science competition.

The resulting film proves just how successful the collaboration between science and filmmaking can be.

The broadcast version of this programme is subtitled.

Published : Sep 2006

15 mins


Secondary Pupil


Secondary Science


How science works


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