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Decimals Forever



Teaching Award winner Jonny Heeley inspires a group of gifted and talented KS2 pupils with an active lesson about decimals.

This lesson provides maths teachers with some concrete and accessible ways to teach students about decimals and introduce them to Pi.

Jonny explores the differences between recurring and terminating decimals before looking at the relevance of these decimals in the real world.

In the guise of a shop keeper who owns a 'round shop', he helps the pupils calculate Pi and entertains them with his explanation of this magical number.

To demonstrate the brilliance of Pi, the lesson culminates in an exercise involving a giant tyre and a box of eggs. Will the eggs get crushed or will they correct calculation save them?

Published : Feb 2009

30 mins


Jonny Heeley's Masterclass


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Number and algebra

Whole School Issues

Primary Gifted and Talented


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