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Maths teacher Eva Cowlishaw and science teacher Amy Lucas introduce Year 9 students at CTC Kingshurst Academy, Birmingham, to engineering careers using the context of structural engineering in theme park rides.

In the maths lesson the students look at rigid structures and learn how they are important in engineering, and have the chance to investigate their own choice of rigid structures.

In science, the students model an ejector seat ride using a variety of apparatus. Their investigation looks at the different forces involved in the ride and how to monitor its speed.

For the final part of the day the students take on the roles of interviewers and candidates in mock interviews for a structural engineering job.

This programme is part of a series looking at the careers available in STEM professions.



Engineering (size 0.1 M)
Background information, key messages and teaching hints on engineering from the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University
Engineering Thrills: Ejection Sheet (size 0.7 M)
Background information, student instructions, methods, explanations, tips and health and safety notes on engineering by Engineering Thrills organisation
Theme Park Engineer (size 0.7 M)
Activity investigating the career of a theme park engineer using role play. (PDF)

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