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Communicating with Parents



Miranda Krestovnikoff comes to the aid of trainee primary teacher Kevin Orchard, who needs some advice on how to communicate with parents.

First, she meets Allan Pease, Australia's "Mr Body Language", for some advice on non-verbal communication and how Kevin should greet parents.

Next, an experienced headteacher from a primary school in east London, Tim Benson, passes on some top tips on how best to open the channels of communication between teachers and parents.

He advises Kevin on how to manage a parents' evening, including the use of something called "the good news sandwich".

Finally, Miranda drops in on Tony Benn, former labour MP and respected speaker, to get his advice on communication skills. He highlights the importance of listening.

Will Kevin be able to take all this advice on board as he prepares for parents' evening?

Published : Jun 2006

15 mins


Primary NQT

Whole School Issues

Primary Parents and Community


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