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Working with your Deputy



New headteacher Marie Corbett works with educational coach Lee McAuliffe to develop her leadership skills and to learn how to form a strong working relationship with her deputy.

Marie has been headteacher of Invicta Primary School in Greenwich for only four weeks. Lee encourages her to clarify what her vision of headship is by thinking about the principles that are important to her.

Having identified the key principle of partnership, Lee shows Marie how she can create manageable goals that will allow her to reach her ideal vision of collaboration with her deputy.

Lee's system involves Marie articulating the values that are important to her and then scheduling in all the actions required in order to achieve them, allowing her to celebrate the small steps that will take the school to her goal.

This programme is part of a series which provides useful advice and tips for new headteachers.


Published : Mar 2009

15 mins


New Heads: What Do I Do Now?


Primary Headteacher


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