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Developing your Long Term Vision



New headteacher Vic Goddard is faced with the challenge of creating his first school development plan and enlists the help of educational coach Mark Whitby.

As the headteacher of Passmores School and Technology College in Harlow, Vic is full of ideas for the future of the school, but the real task is how to form them into a stable long term plan.

Mark encourages Vic to look at the bigger picture rather than the imminent task at hand. He helps Vic to identify his leadership style and ethos as part of the process of developing his vision of where the school will be in three to five years time.

Once this is in place, they then look at the steps that need to be taken to achieve it and the other people this could involve. A key tip Mark offers Vic is to allow time to think things through before committing to anything on paper.

This programme is part of a series which provides useful advice and tips for new headteachers.

Published : Mar 2009

15 mins


New Heads: What Do I Do Now?


Secondary Headteacher


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