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First Steps towards your Vision



New headteacher Hazel Burnie is determined to enrich the extended services available at her school and enlists educational coach Niki Thomas to help her accomplish this.

Hazel has been headteacher at St Alfege with St Peter's CofE School in Greenwich for just four weeks and has set herself the goal of achieving high quality extended services.

Niki encourages Hazel to look at her overall vision for the school to see how her ideas for extended services fit in. How can current services be improved? Which members of staff would be suitable to join a steering team?

Niki helps Hazel realise that by distributing the workload she is able to have a strategic overview and maintain a leadership position. Hazel is also encouraged to turn to others who have been through the same process to glean further tips.

This programme is part of a series which provides useful advice and tips for new headteachers.


Published : Mar 2009

15 mins


New Heads: What Do I Do Now?


Primary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Every Child Matters

Extended Services


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