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MFL - Implementing the Group Talk Initiative and Other Strategies



A look at the strategies that the MFL department at Wildern School in Southampton have implemented to improve GCSE results.

The MFL staff explain the practices they have employed, which have resulted in improved MFL GCSEs since 2002.

Group Talk is an award-winning scheme, which encourages pupils to practice their speaking skills with each other and ensures they are well prepared for their oral exam.

Boys at the school have been successfully targeted with a number of different approaches, such as extremely active learning in and outdoors, competitions and challenges to become top of the vocabulary league tables. Interactive white board programmes are also used, and high tech gadgets are incorporated into lessons.

The department works hard to ensure there's a coordinated approach to teaching and learning in MFL across the school.

Published : Mar 2009

15 mins


Improving GCSE Results


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Modern Foreign Languages

Whole School Issues

Secondary Assessment



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